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Look at the construction projects completed with our equipment! Here you can see only real projects from real developers in the field of 3D printing
One of the most striking projects in 2023 is the construction of a hotel in the Krasnodar Territory. For the first time in the history of mass construction, an entire hotel complex is being built using additive technologies. AMT is participating in the development as a supplier of high-quality and precise printing equipment – construction printers. The build-up is carried out on the S300 printer model, which you can learn more about on our resources.
Hotel in Yeysk
The first hotel in the world printed on such a scale using additive technologies

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Construction 3D printers cut final construction costs by up to 40%
The use of 3D printers in construction is becoming commonplace. This year was no exception, on the contrary, this year additive technology took another step in its development – not only individual houses are printed on the foundation, but also entire sites are built up. Something that we have been waiting for a long time has happened – mass construction using 3D printing. In the Republic of Tatarstan, at the moment, about 10 out of 34 planned houses have been printed using the S300 construction 3D printer, and this is a whole village!
Mass construction
Mass printing in Russia was launched by the construction of the village "Kvadrum" in Kazan
Those who have been following us for a long time know that in the summer of 2021 we started printing the village using the S300 field-based printer. How can it happen? The printer is brought to the construction site, assembly takes place (by the way, it takes only a few hours and no cranes are required for this). Next, the printer is aligned horizontally and, lo and behold, it is ready to go! Concrete is loaded and printing begins. 27 hours – the box of home is ready!
Building in Semenovsky
Comfortable home in record time
In order to demonstrate the possibilities of construction 3D printing, a residential building with an area of 298.5 m2 was erected in December, 2015. The house was built from elements printed in the workshop and subsequently assembled on the construction site. This is the largest printed building in Europe and the CIS, which is operated for its intended purpose, all the necessary permits have been received. The house is put on the cadastral register and occupied.
Printing of a house near Yaroslavl using prefab technology
The first house in Russia printed by 3D printer
On October 19, 2021, the AMT company presented a complex architectural pavilion in Yaroslavl. The shape of the building is a cat holding a multi-colored cube in its paws. The pavilion was designed by Sri Lankan architect Sanat Abeysekera. The cat was painted by Lithuanian artist Saulius Gudelevichus. The cat was printed by 3D4art by a construction printer manufactured by AMT – S-6044 Long.
Unique cat house
Summer kitchen in the form of an anatomically accurate cat
House Elephant – Moscow region. This is a geometrically complex field-based 3D printing with concrete that has no analogues in the Russian Federation. The unique self-supporting spiral staircase was calculated by artificial intelligence.
On the border of the Arctic, a production building was printed by printer manufactured by the AMT company – S300. Building with an area of 80 sq. m, 1 floor, large hall and counter. The building was printed in winter, in a "warmhouse", the ambient air temperature reached -40 degrees, inside the greenhouse the temperature was not lower than 10 degrees. The facility is a production building, not a residential one. There are bas-reliefs and patterns on the facade of the building. After printing, the walls were not plastered, but treated with hydrophobic compounds and varnished, so the entire texture of the print was preserved.
Now the company has launched a construction printing competition among developers. For more information please click here.

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